Backs, Weddings and Golfing

Those are after all the three main subjects of today's meandering blathering. First up, backs. I've done mine in (to use the parlance of our times). I suspect it's down to lugging my backpack on the trains to and from London for the last couple of weeks. It's a sharp lower back pain that "twinges" when I bend in pretty much any direction. Readings of various sources and discussions with experts of sorts have left me feeling that backs are something that aren't very well understood. As a result I'm resting it by using it very lightly, if that makes any sense at all. In reality this means a little more standing than sitting (bizarrely) some gentle walking but absolutely most definitely no golf. Particularly annoying at the Alleycats Golf Society's quarterly is scheduled to take place on Saturday. I may attend for some light drinking in the evening, but let's not count any chickens just yet.

Today is a bless-ed day off from the toils of Starfleet for me and from the rigors of lunatic drivers for Mrs G. Those of you that have been paying attention will understand that my motivation for all things Starfleet has been well and truly mashed to a pulp of late, so a proper day off will surely help me put everything back into perspective. More so, because this particular day off is to be filled with a wedding.

One of daughter's friends has taken the "get pregnant and then married" start to her adult life and is tying the knot with her "old" man at the ripe old age of 21 and as a mother of two. I cannot judge, for I too married at that young age, although I should point out that neither I or my first wife were "with child". I can only hope that they grow closer rather than further apart. We all live and learn. Regardless, I have no doubt that today will be full of fun and frolics and an all round enjoyable day of celebration for everyone involved. Happily daughter is a bridesmaid and not a bride. She wants a life first she says - and good on her I say. I'll be standing mostly. Expect wedding photos later.

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