Just look around

You can tell a lot just by looking. Of course there's no real detail, put it paints a picture. This morning I'm sat with mostly women to begin with although judging by the numbers of seat reservation cards it's going to get very busy.

For now, there's an early morning member of the laptop club writing a letter. A youth working woman of cats judging by the reading material and scratched forearm. A couple who are most disturbed by their current working conditions:

"That shows how dysfunctional it is. He did pick her up? That's nice of him. It's ridiculous. I hate it, absolutely hate it. I don't care what Chris says any more. It's my life. I was shocked. Too much power, that's the problem." she said. "Yes it's annoying really." She replied going on with "She said she'd promise me she'd deal with it. But you know deep down."

And a woman with headphones and heat magazine.

What's great about this slice of the world is conversation. Like the two women unhappy with their lot, the snippets are just voyeuristic enough without having to get involved. Not unlike "Eastenders" or "Corrie" but real life. I imagine the writers of all good soap opera take the train on a regular basis just to mine the wealth of material. As we pootle (good word -Ed) eastwards the various stops are increasing our number and the variety of subjects. Let's listen to a few more....

"Yeah. So he was talking about online environments as well wasn't he? I'll send him an update" He said.

A retired couple with camera having a lovely day of tourism. "Those masts look like a modern totem pole" and "Did you brush your hair this morning?" - "Yes dear, I even back combed it a bit" he cheerfully replied. What I love about these two is their interest in the world. Everyone else seems to only be interested in themselves. These two are more interested in what's going on in the world. "Look at their daffodils". It transpires that she's a student of photography. See, it's never too late to learn something new.

iPad man reading his email and watching some video. "Pirates of the carribean - part 3" - Oh for heavens sake! If you're going to shell out 500 quid to show off on the train, at least watch something decent. I'm not jealous, but I'm not bringing mine on the train. The phone is more than adequate and makes me far less of an obvious "target"

"Hello, you alright?" she practically yelled into the phone "Yeah. I told you. Don't worry. Has it gone in the lock? And you've lifted the handle right up? I think there's something wrong with it."

The management overhead (not overheard) are having a loud and whining conversation about what they consider to be the tardiness of an engineer they've employed to build a server. "All day it took him! I would have expected it to be a couple of hours. I'm not enamoured." To be fair this guy is now going to spend a day moaning that it took a day to do it, so that's doubled the cost already. And when you take into consideration that he's probably paid significantly more than the poor engineer who was dragged out west on Valentines day to do it, well I'm afraid I have no sympathy. Post his moaning phone call he's gone back to his paper. Best place for him.

In other news... Daughter has to go to hospital tomorrow. Results of her CT scan will be published which may mean the removal of the cast. Hopefully this will be the case and she can start on the road of physiotherapy just in time for next weeks wedding. If nothing else, it will be good for Mrs G and I not to have to care for the disabled any longer. It's amazing just how much you can't do with a broken wrist.

Interesting game of rugby coming up on Friday night, which I'm hoping will mean some long overdue relaxation on my part. Engaging my brain in other subjects aside from work is currently very challenging and actually making me ill. The back ache (which I've not been talking about) has eased a little although 5 hours of travelling won't help that much.

For now, I'm enjoying my coffee and reading about "synthetic transactions" which for those of you without the advantage of having other peoples paperwork thrust under your nose is a type of financial investment.

Fully expecting another day of roadblocks but such is the way of things. I am looking for a way around them. Not holding my breath mind you. Management overhead, take note.

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  1. Early Morning Train Travel neatly summed up there. Definitely a "like this". I'm with the old couple who are looking out rather than the rest of the carriage that tend to be "looking in". I too have heard these inane half conversations and probably get too involved - I'm far too nosy. I either want to wet myself laughing or put my head in my hands.


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