The stuff I'm doing in London might be helping but in the short term I do not forecast a good outcome for the team as a whole. Not least because a few key players are going off on holiday and will leave gaping holes as they've been positioned through no fault of thier own, as the people that run the show. I pity the management team (and thats not something I say often) because sometimes a 'perfect storm' is the hardest fight of all.

Just to round off my travels to the Big City this week. I stayed much later in the office having the luxury of a later & cheaper ticket to guide me home. However, today the tube was gliding like a silky smooth stocking sliding down a banister (Don't ask me, but it is a picture isn't it) which meant I have an hour to burn at Paddington before the next train. At least it means I can have a wander and a wonder at Brunel's handywork followed by a 'London must'; namely a pint of pride.

Looking forward to over-hearing on the way home. Tomorrow sees me finally getting some movement on my cryptic conversations from last month. I'm pretty sure I can predict the outcome before it's started and I'm not happy about it. Sadly it will just lead to more grief and unnecessary expense down a road I do not wish to travel but am left with no other option. On top if which my levels of paranoia will reach a new high while my self worth will reach a new low. It is the most bizarre and stupid situation I have ever known and to anyone with common sense it is unsustainable.

I might need to order another one of these before I head home.

PS: Appologies for the lack of clarity, but such is the way of things.

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