The Monday Commute

Now this might be an interesting moment of human interaction. We're pulling into reading and the woman sat opposite me is sitting is a seat that's reserved from reading to London. Interesting huh? I know, that's why you read this stuff.... Anyway, let's watch and see what happens...

Meanwhile... Very pleased to see Mr Firth (and all those involved in 'The King's Speech') getting some well deserved awards last night at the BAFTA'S. I suspect we may see a similar situation at the Oscars in a few weeks time, but then 'Inception' and 'The Social Network' (released on DVD today) have larger American influences and Oscar is a yank afterall. The over-hearing is very thin on the ground this morning. No doubt this is because it's the earlier train (which found me getting up at stupid o'clock) and all it's passengers are still mostly asleep. There was one, but it's all abit too familiar and boring:
"Due diligence, but we're still waiting to hear the outcome later this week." - see what I mean?

Ahhh. Here we are at Reading. So much for a bit of a scrap. Turns out she's getting off here anyway. If the journey is any sort of omen as to the rest of my day, I can expect boredom in spades and given my state of mind it's inevitable. All of a sudden I've lost all interest. But that's what happens when kick a man when he's down.

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