Time, Job Hunting & Ting

I've posted one of these here before. The last one was on the subject of what drives us to do the things we do, and if you missed it and want to check it out, you can read all about it here.

This one is the Secret Powers of Time from Professor Philip Zimbardo. Are you a Past, Present or Future Orientated ?

Just while we're poking around in our heads, it appears that once again I'm providing the storylines for Scott Adams. I have no idea how he does this, but I'm beginning to suspect he has CCTV installed in my office.


And finally I'd like to draw your attention to what a friend of mine refers to as "the best thing on British Television at the moment".  Rastamouse. I'm actually really surprised at how much fun it is. I'm sure Bagpuss or the clangers never got up to crime fighting on this sort of level. (although there were plenty of others who did - Hong Kong Phooey, Scooby Doo and Dangermouse to name but three). I'd recommend checking him & the easy crew out. Dem makin' a bad ting good.

Here he is on the UK only (sorry) BBC iPlayer

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