All a bit odd....

Seems the only time I get to blog at the moment is when I'm sat on the train. I do normally make time for it. Those of you that read this drivel will know it's where I exercise (or exorcise) my demons. Its good for my mental health and a bit of a chuckle for the rest of you who can hide and point and think "I'm glad that's not me". All this means that not blogging creates a mental block which serves to stifle my creativity. ... Or for those of you in the cheap seats with a degree in amateur psychology ... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and dare I say blah. If nothing else it serves to fill a paragraph.

No heating or electricity supply in coach D this morning. The passengers are huddled together like partially frozen mice that you'd find under the floorboards of an old shed in deep winter. It's early spring though, so I suppose were still due some cold snaps at least for another four weeks until the clocks go forward. There's no excuse offered for the lack of power. Broken hamster wheel maybe? Or perhaps someone forgot to take the peg off it which is used to stop the hamster squeaking it all night while the driver is trying to sleep. Who knows?

Sat next to a nerd this time who I'm glad to say is worse than even I for gadgets. Should point out that I have nothing against nerds, because I am one afterall. They're listening to some House-Martins (pre The Beautiful South) on their iPhone, so I approve of that, and writing blackberry email (something to do with training). I'm trying not to look but it's cold and they're practically sat on top of me. I'm hugging the window - think "Shaun of the Dead" poster.

Now they've got their kindle out and are reading Mark Twain. It's a Free title on the Kindle store. Don't get me wrong, it's a great read, but I'm now judging this person based on the fact they can splash out on a bunch of kit (300 quid iPhone, 120 quid kindle, blackberry; probably corporate) but can't be added to pay for any content. I'm no berating myself for judging. Poor person's probably only started reading since they got a gadget to show off with... There I go again. Ahhhh well. Look!! There's the Horlicks factory out the window.

Today's visit to the big city is all about a project definition workshop which might require some input from me. It's all a bit woolly, as is the nature of such things and I'm only on this job for another week before I get released to go and do my real job again. In truth this means I'm doing what needs to be done in a mechanical nuts and bolts sort of way. I'm half enjoying it, but only because it's easy. The new stuff is much more challenging, as a couple of my readers are all to aware right now. I'm particularly enjoying the challenge one of them has set me. I never thought I'd say that.

The more calendar aware among you will see that it's Thursday and this means WTC. A problem for me as getting out of LDN and back to the countryshire in time is going to be a struggle. I am in need of some social therapy having missed last week and the golfing due to the back strain. Incidentally the back has vastly improved. Lots of keeping it straight and bending the knees seems to be working wonders on it. Still being careful, but definitely moving again.

Daughter's arm is fully fixed which is a result. She's been in full fixing mode aswell. She's fixed her job (by getting a new one), fixed her boyfriend (by getting rid of the old one) and is fixing to have her 21st birthday in 3 or 4 weeks time. Me & Mrs G are all abit broken. Me - the back (improving) and Mrs G is having slightly higher than average blood pressue.  The problem here is all about age.  We have reached that point where these things become important.  The repercusions of this will I'm sure be the sad waving goodbye to the four main food groups, namely Beef, Butter, Eggs and Chocolate and hello to Muselie, Fruit (whatever that is) and cholestoral reducing spreads.If you haven't hit 40 yet, you have this to look forward to.

Well, that's my ramble for today. All a bit odd.

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