Badman Bacon

Great start to Mrs G's day off in the form of a round of "Badman Bacon" sandwiches.

Look closely. They are some THICK rashers of bacon. This means they are almost steaks and really a whole meal can be derived from one rasher.  Not one to be perturbed by such a challenge and having eyes that are bigger than my stomach, two rashers seemed perfectly viable as you can see. One did the job nicely, and the extra had to be halved. A filling meal that left me feeling more than setup for the day.

Thanks Mr B - awesomeness....  I saved two for the next available hangover cure.  By the way, for those of a more curious nature, this work of culinary art started life off over here:

If only our european cousins made this the standard Bacon, but then that would require a certain amount of joint common sense across the EU, and that's something that's not always very forthcoming.  They'll understand it better once it's been explained to them :-) and I shall leave it there.

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