Bases, Hideouts and Homes of the Evil

Especially for the Badman, the complete evil villain files as obtained from my friend at GCHQ, Mr James Bond. (Probably not meant to mention that, but he's a regular visitor at the office as the burrow network under rabbit roundabout is directly connected via a tunnel to GCHQ, so he pops in when he's on his way to Q Division - fascinating stuff and all very hush hush). Hopefully this dossier will help badman's internal estate agent in the near future.

Without further ado....

1 Dr No: A Jamaican island protected by a "dragon"


2 From Russia with Love: A heavily guarded yacht with Siamese fighting fish (especially if you have an evil kitty)


3 Goldfinger: A schmelting verks in the swiss alps near Geneva equipped with an industrial laser.


4 Thunderball: A beach front villa in the Bahamas, complete with shark infested swimming pool.


5 You Only Live Twice: A hollowed out volcano somewhere near Japan


6 On Her Majesty's Secret Service: An allergy research center On top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps only accessible by helicopter


7 Diamonds are Forever: The penthouse of a Las Vegas hotel and beneath the Nevada desert


8 Live and Let Die: The back room of 'The Fillet of Soul' in New York, accessed via a rotating booth by the wall and an underground lair beneath a voodoo protected graveyard near New Orleans

9 The Man With The Golden Gun: An island off the coast of Phuket, Thailand with a sun ray laser thing in the top.


10 The Spy who Loved Me: An underwater base that can float and sink at the touch of a button.


11 Moonraker: A low earth orbit space station. Perfect for those of an off-earth arian persuasion.


12 For Your Eyes Only: A cliff top monastery


13 Octopussy: An island in a lake only reachable by boat powered by oarswomen.


14 A View To A Kill: An airship, complete with staircase that becomes a slide to a trapdoor for disposing of enemies


15 The Living Daylights: A museum to war in Tangiers


16 Licence to kill: The Olympatec Meditation Institute. Makes a great cover for drug smugglers.


17 Goldeneye: The Arecibo radio telescope


18 Tomorrow Never Dies: A stealth catamaran which is perfect for an evil newspaper owner.


19 The World is not Enough: A tiny island retreat in the bay of Istanbul, Turkey


20 Die Another Day: A Clinic in Los Organos, Cuba


21 Casino Royale: A retreat on the shores of Lake Garda


22 Quantum of Solace: A hotel deep in the desert... Never can remember where this one is though.


I'm sure there's a residence in there to suit everyone. Happy shopping.

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