It's that time of year again... Well, perhaps I should be more specific. It's Cheltenham Festival week! Even that may need a little explanation especially if you don't know one Cheltenham festival from another. As I've mentioned before, Cheltenham has a wide variety of festivals throughout a year, but he one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is "THE Cheltenham Festival" which is all about horse racing. If you're not local or not interested I can imagine how boring it must be. It's not something that ever captured my interest until I lived here. Since then, it's not only difficult to ignore, but actually completely fascinating and an unmissable sight to see. The atmosphere is unlike any other. The town becomes a different place, a party prevails and the price of everything goes up.


This year has been no exception. Due to circumstances beyond my control Mrs G and I didn't visit the course this year, but we did enjoy the people watching, an excellent lunch and had a couple of flutters on the races. No massive wins, but no massive losses either. All in all, a grand day out with BBB and Mrs BBB as well. Fun times.


The day didn't pass without a little guilt on my part though. The Badman has been working like a demon with some assistance from me on his current mission and sadly, things went slightly pear shaped on Thursday afternoon. I felt bad about leaving him to deal with it, but having checked in on my return this afternoon I see to my surprise and no doubt his surprise and delight that all has come good and we're back on the road to success.

I fear there is still very much to do, but nothing that can't wait until Monday when I'm sure we'll both be feeling at least a little refreshed and it'll be 'Once more into the breach' and all that. In the mean time I believe he has an appointment with a Mr Blofeld and a Mr Scaramanga, both of whom have been looking for property that he has on his books... In fact, somewhere around here I have a fully comprehensive list of potential customers that I must dig out for him. I think it's filed under "World Domination, Plans for"....


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  1. Anonymous10:26 am

    Do you know I handled the sale of that one a few years ago. Sold it to a delightful European Gentleman ... don't seem to recall his name .... had a cat, or was it a shark ..... never mind ....now about the moon base .....


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