Getting things done...

Getting there nicely...

  • Buying Paint for the ceiling in the en suite (needs a refresh). 
  • Buying a refill for the strimmer (failed miserably to acquire said strimmer nylon over the weekend so it's been bumped to Monday). 
  • Buying a naff balloon with 21 written on it (for daughter obv.) 
  • Buying ingredients for a party cake (also for daughter). 
  • Taking cushion covers to have new zips installed (not sure this is even possible, but I'm sure if I can find the right place it will happen for a fee). 
  • Prepping and Painting ceiling. 
  • Mowing lawn. 
  • Edging lawn with freshly refilled strimmer. 
  • Wrapping birthday presents. 
  • Cleaning windows (needs doing since the window cleaner was fired a couple of months ago). 
  • Making Cake. 
  • Picking up Mrs G to go to the dentists.

The bits that are left over, can be pushed out to tomorrow.... oh... except for the birthday present wrapping.  D'oh.  That has to be done today!!!


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