Go West!

They're back! Laptop club is in it's element on an train that to be honest is sooo full, I can't really understand how there's enough room for everyone to exist on it. This particular member of the club who's sitting next to me has taken it upon herself to make some sort of strange table in MS-Word. I'm not sure why... Or even what it means... But let's keep an eye on it while were listening to the chattering classes. For now you can be safe on the knowledge that position 1 is LNB/PC... That's good to know. I feel safer already.

"Oh really? Good God no! I mean I'd never dream of such a thing"

"We have a new project manager who just makes spreadsheets and does as little as possible. He's just an idiot"

Nice use of Aerial font there. Much better that the Comic Sans it started of as. Comic Sans!? I ask you.

"is she?" rustle rustle of newspapers and food wrappers "But I only saw her leg"

"I can't bear the word spreadsheet anymore. Why should we do it? Can you hear me? Hello?"

The nerd from last week is standing and reading his kindle. And then there's the bloke with the insane headphones. They are massive! To the untrained eye he looks like a Dom Jolly sketch! Any minute now he's going to shout at the bloke next to him "CAN YOU TURN YOUR IPOD DOWN A BIT PLEASE MATE! I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO WHALE MUSIC HERE!!!!" He seems to have lost his decks.

A chinaman (sorry Asian-American is the correct nomenclature. Thanks Walter) is reading a Chinese book. I'd like to have been able to do that, but culturally it is so different from our scribbling that I doubt I have enough years left in me to be able to master it. I'd have a go and i would have had a chance if I'd started from birth, but that was a while ago.

This table is coming along nicely if a bit slowly. I don't think her heart is in it to be honest.

Angry Birds.... Apparently that can entertain a bankers mind for hours at a time. He can't seem to look away.

"Hello how you doing? How's sainsburys? What isle? Are you gonna be done by the time I get there?"

"Hello it's me. I've got to get some diesel on the way home. Do you need anything else?"

"Prawns or Steak?"

This table is all about LNB and PC.... I'm loosing all interest and the will to live, much like it's creator I suspect.

This is probably the last time I'll be doing this for a while. I have no reason to be back in the city at the moment and next week will see me heading north to help out the Badman with his notty problem.

I've actually quite enjoyed it. A change from the norm. Out in the big wide world again. It makes you realise how up to the job (or otherwise) you really are. There's no room for self analysis when people are analysing you all day long already. Apparently, I'm up to it. Just in case you were wondering.

The wider world of Starfleet is in much better condition than the walled off garden that I've been pottering about in for so long. In fact, having escaped from the vegetable patch, the potting shed is a fascinating place to be for a potato. God alone knows what it must be like in the big house!? A veritable palace full of oranges, apples and bananas and no mistake.

Today's other activities meant I had to help out a seed that arrived. He's been fed and watered and should be ready for harvest in a few months. The problem with that is he's only here temporarily and so is unlikely to ever win "best in show". Between us girls (as scobi - another potato - likes to say) I think there might be quite a few more seeds before to long. Would be nice if they bore fruit. Peas at best for now.

I caught up with Stretch today as well. I'm sure he'll be fine, as long as they don't mold him. He's a top bloke really and seems to be happy in the patch for a while yet. But then he's in with tomatoes. Canes and glass doncha know. It's the cabbages, carrots and sprouts that suffer, without whom we'd all starve. .... Well, maybe not the sprouts. Although they're very good when they're fried.

The table has got to item 14 now. She's fed up with it. Huffing and puffing but soldiering on. I think it's banking sector related but I'm not bothered with it anymore.

With that it's time to wish the big bad city good bye and good night. It's been a blast and I'll be back again. But for now I need the fresh air and open spaces again.

Next time I'll be making more 'me' time and catching up with some of the old gang if they're still around. When Carlisle place was hip and happening.


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  1. nice for the mention and FYI I got an apology for being blanked!! But it could have been worse they could have been ugly!


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