Hope & Dilithium

I have it on good authority that we just had a weekend and now it's Monday morning again. Now as much as I tend to believe my calendar, the date on my phone and my laptop, the announcers on the radio and even the date printed at the top of the newspapers, today I'm really struggling with the con pet that we had a Saturday and a Sunday. It just feels like we went to sleep on Friday night - last night - and woke up this morning on Monday.

I mean ... How in the fun-times-at-Richmond-high did that happen? In fact, if it wasn't for Mrs G insisting that it's Monday and that daughter has her first day in her new job, I wouldn't be having any of it. But there it is.

I imagine 24 hour rolling news plays a part in this time warping that I've experienced. As you're no doubt aware there have been a tragic set of circumstances in Japan this weekend, starting on Friday with the largest ever recorded earthquake in that region. This led to a Tsunami of incredible proportions which has caused a huge loss of life. The Northern half of the country appears to be in total disarray and my thoughts are with all of those suffering that they may make it through an incredibly torrid time.


The News channels live for this sort of thing and being a bit of a newshound (I get that from my mother) I am glued to each nuance of a story. The trouble is, that rolling news repeats itself with countless iterations upon iterations of any given story, so when it's on in the background you pretty much lose any real sense of time. This must be the reason for my loss of a weekend.  It's not that we didn't do anything else mind you, it's just that five minutes of watching the news seems to have sucked all the other time away.

With daughter and Mrs G all set to go - and daughter looking spiffing for her first day at the new place, I too am off out the door.  Not down to London this week, but up in the other direction to a Starfleet office.  There I shall be spending time with the badman and a selection of the members of the crew who are busily involved in locating dilithium crystals to maintain starfleet's future course. These crystals have to meet very exacting standards before they can gain approval for use, and that in itself is a whole other mission. Right... time for me to boldly go.

Hope you have a great Monday.

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  1. I've just been talking to Scotty and he advises that "She canna take any more Captain" and I tend to go with Kirks approach to most Starfleet situations; if they are vaguely female snog them and if they are being an @rse hole punch them in the face. I love being a diplomat.

  2. Mind You, I do draw the line at the "lady" from the planet QA!

  3. keep up the good work. I do feel more like one of the yellow wearing outfits whom have no name and seem more expendable than the main characters! So bring us more dilithium and we can all get us of this delta quadrant!


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