No rest for the wicked

Another strange case of an invisible weekend. It beggars belief. One minute they're here and within seconds they're gone and Sunday night/Monday morning is upon us again. I'm not going to harp on about it though for this particular Monday is a days holiday. Sadly it won't feel much like one. I have a list of jobs as long as your arm so my so-called day of rest will involve some or all of the following...

  • Buying Paint for the ceiling in the en suite (needs a refresh).
  • Buying a refill for the strimmer (failed miserably to acquire said strimmer nylon over the weekend so it's been bumped to Monday).
  • Buying a naff balloon with 21 written on it (for daughter obv.)
  • Buying ingredients for a party cake (also for daughter).
  • Taking cushion covers to have new zips installed (not sure this is even possible, but I'm sure if I can find the right place it will happen for a fee).
  • Prepping and Painting ceiling.
  • Mowing lawn.
  • Edging lawn with freshly refilled strimmer.
  • Wrapping birthday presents.
  • Cleaning windows (needs doing since the window cleaner was fired a couple of months ago).
  • Making Cake.
  • Picking up Mrs G to go to the dentists.

As a realist, I'm pretty sure that's not all going to happen, but I'll give it a go. Starting with prepping for painting and then cleaning windows. Shopping from about 9.45 through to about 11.45 probably. Then painting, mowing, wrapping and cake making through until 4.15. In amongst this stuff, I want to get a lookin at work too. It's going to be close - and far to busy for a day off. But then, there's no rest for the wicked.


Hope your day is how you'd like it to be.

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