Once more with feeling...

That last five or so weeks has flown by and I find myself entering the last week of my travels to the city to help out the old firm. Its always the way in starfleet that the end of things and the beginning of things are never cut and dried, more sort of torn and damp. In reality this means I'm doing two jobs this week (because one is never enough) and while I can only try to use my time wisely, I will of course only be giving 50% of it to each of my 'customers' no doubt much to their annoyance. Sadly for starfleet I am a finite resource, although you'd never know it given the way that they behave.

So with all that mess to look forward to the quiet moments are sure to be guilty pleasures and the first of these 'clams before the storm' is here and now, sitting on the train watching the sun rise and reading the paper.....


A beautiful start to the day. From here it can only go down hill.

A quick review of the weekend then. Friday night was to have been a night out with some of Mrs G's work colleagues but a few cried off and in the end it didn't happen. So instead we enjoyed a quiet night in doing nothing but recovering from a hefty week. in truth a blessed relief not to be socialising. Daughter was out on duty so I "stayed up to wait" for her (it's a parent thing that I'm sure all parents with free roaming kids will understand) and in the process managed to catch up with John Landis' "Burke & Hare".

It's an newly produced, Ealing comedy in that studios best tradition. I loved it. Local Bloke Simon Pegg is teamed up with Gollum and King Kong character actor Andy Serkis in the title roles, but they are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a cast of comedy genius.


A scottish Bill Bailey started all the trouble and appearances from the likes of Jenny Agutter (from the Railway Childeren), Stephen Merchant (Ricky Gervais' lanky writing partner), Tom Wilkinson, Tim Curry (Dr Frank-N-Furter from the Rocky Horror picture show), Jessica Hynes (Simon Pegg's other half from Spaced), Christopher Lee (Dracula, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars), Reece Sheersmith (The League of Gentlemen), Paul Whitehouse (Harry and Paul, The Fast Show), Steve Spiers (The Policeman with no friends from 'Extras') and Ray Harryhausen (Director of stop animation sequences from some of the most famous movies of all time). The list goes on and on and on, but for my money there is no doubt that the show is well and truly stolen by the Captain of the Militia, who later becomes the Colonel. I'm not going to tell you who it is, you'll enjoy it so much more if you see it for yourself. From the director who gave us 'The Blues Brothers' and 'An American Werewolf In London' we now have another gem. Overall 8/10. Very entertaining.

Saturday arrived with a dull look about it and low temperatures. Daughter announced she was having a couple of friends round and would like to use the hottub, so a bit of tub refresh was the order or the day. I don't mind the emptying and refilling, but it's the scrubbing I can't really abide.


It was a steady 28 degrees by around 9pm, so not hot, but not cold either and certainly comfortable to use for half an hour or so.

Sunday was another early start as I'd been volunteered to help daughter who was helping her friend sell some odds and ends at a car boot sale. Now that's an interesting cultural experience. As daughter and I surmised it is exa fly like eBay in a car park, but with a rather rubbish search facility and no postal delays. One item leapt out at me. A G-Plan coffee table that I remember all to well from my 1970's child hood. I always wondered what happened to that and now I know.


In short we arrived with 35 quid and went home with 46 and less rubbish. Was it worth it? I think it probably was if for no other reason that it being an entertaining way to spend a Sunday morning. That's it for another journey then. May well be my last on this job, although there could be one more before the week is out. Here's the sunshine.


Have a great week.

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