How to deal with problems that are the size of a planet....

Sometimes something can be in your path that appears to be unsurmountable. An issue of such large proportions that you can't seem to see around it, over it, under it or through it. A beast of a monster of a mountain of a problem that's more complex than a riddle wrapped up in an enigma inside a puzzle with no clues as to how to solve it, let alone understand the scale of it. Imagine standing in the foothills of Mount Everest, the largest mountain on the planet, and looking up and seeing way way off in the distance the peak. Now imagine doubling the size of the mountain and the peak almost disappears completely. Then double it again, and again and again. Lets say you double it until it's blotted out the sun. Now let's rename it Problem A. What we have here is an insanely large problem which at first, second, third and fourth glance is impossible to deal with. Any idea? .... Well, there is a way.

Chunk it up and keep going. That's it. Chop it into smaller chunks until they are of manageable size and start managing them. Don't put it off. Just get on with it. And keep going. Finishing one chunk is not finishing the problem. But then you knew that already.

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