Tellybox Tantrums

No news this morning. Literally nothing. Switch on the TV and it just says "No or Bad Signal" emblazoned across the middle of it. How very tedious. It seems the BBC have packed up and gone home in our Freeview neck of the woods...

Ah! and then the little grey cells kick in and I can recall what has happened. It's digital switchover day for the Ridge Hill transmitter (I am available for after dinner speaking should you find my topics of conversation as riveting as I can see they are!). All that's needed is a quick retune and all should be well again. Not a bit of it!. What the ruddy-heck is occurring here? We have a couple of tellyboxes, so I go and have a fiddle with the other one to see if it's unique to the first. Sure enough it shows the same initial problem - the disappearance of the BBC, but a retune of that one and everything is well. It's starting to look like the problem could be with my 2005 model Humax.


Instead of giving up all hope though, let's just give it the old "Full Factory Reset" on the off chance.. Press relevant menu option.... Hold Breath... Et Voila!!! Fixed. Sometimes technology is just too complicated even for itself.

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