Welcome To Blogsy

Saturday has arrived and a beautiful day it's going to be aswell. This last week seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. It's fair to say, the older you get the less time there is. It was never like this in the old days when summer seemed to just roll on and on and days felt like weeks. Now, days feel like moments, and summer's gone before it gets going - well, a bit.

After Tuesday in a Starfleet outpost, which was made particularly entertaining by the addition of the Boer and Grandpa Jack (blatant plagiarism for which I must thank the Badman), the rest of the week has been very quiet. A few calls, some updates, and two solid days worth of appalling training to get through. Generally though, not much going on.

The training was of the online type that doesn't do any subject any justice. It was poorly thought out and voiced by people that probably shouldn't voice such things. I have a CD around here somewhere of Paul McKenna, the famous Radio DJ that went into hypnosis, presumably after discovering he had a knack of sending his listeners to sleep. You get the picture. A similar outcome.

Thursday's WTC involved a midnight curry. Tiring but enjoyable and as always, the banter was top notch.

Friday turned into a bit of a geek fest for me in the end. I mentioned earlier in the week how I've been trying to switch mobile phone handset within Starfleet, and it finally came to fruition. It's actually awesome to have corporate email, contacts and calendar in the palm of my hand on an iPhone. it's nothing new of course. I used to have this 10 years ago on the first blackberry devices, but of course an iPhone is that much more of everything. The best feature here for my money is sitting down to my laptop and having no new email because I've already seen it. That's a great feeling that I never tire of. It's a route I'd recommend to everyone if they get he opportunity.

The geeky piece of techno-notice is Blogsy. Those of you that have been hanging around here will be aware that I write this stuff on Posterous. Sometimes I use my mail client for this, sometimes directly on the site, sometimes a notepad/word processor type application combined with copy and paste. In the old days I used to just write to "Blogger" and then I moved to an iOS app called "BlogPress" which is a great way of doing things. Sadly it doesn't support Posterous (which auto posts everywhere) so my use of it lately as become minimal. I do however lament it's loss. It's formatting features are very helpful and it gives a polished, managed feel to your blogging experience.

Which brings me to Blogsy.. This is a new app for iOS (iPad only at the moment) that does the same thing for Blogger and Wordpress that BlogPress does. It too does not support Posterous, so out of the gate it won't be getting a huge amount of use from me, but there is the possibility of adding support at a later date, and so I'm taking I for a run to see what happens. This entry is entirely written in Blogsy.

So far so good. It's all a bit drag and drop for adding in media. Makes life very simple. The logo above was just dragged from a google search sighing the app. Same thing with this video of it in action:

Simple, elegant and worth a couple of quid of anyone's money. Just hope they find a nice way of adding in posterous support.

One other mistake that I made yesterday was to take the cardboard recycling out of the garage. Now that was stupid of me. I've gone and made a clean spot. The implications of which are that now I have to do the whole thing. I've been threatening to for a while, and besides that, the roof has to come off the roller skate and go into storage for the summer, so space must be made in the winter dumping ground. It's a tough job but I'm up to it. and besides daughter said she'd help.

But where to start? That old chest of drawers? The corner of cobwebs? Hanging the bikes from the roof or the walls?..... Wish me luck.