What a lot of Malarkey

Me and the Pooh have been strolling round the edge of the 100-acre wood with plenty of malarkey again today.  We're both sure there's a style around here somewhere that will enable us to get in there and round up a few pheasants. Sadly, even if we found it, Christopher Robin won't let us climb up and over it and venture into the forest.... at least not yet...  but that time is fast approaching and no doubt.

Looking down the hill from our vantage point towards the old village, we can see a couple of other woodland folk chasing rabbits along the hedgerow. But that's rabbits for you, even if you catch them, they've mostly got mixi.

For those of you that don't know about such country ways let me explain by way of a short tale regarding a rabbit that I once knew.  This particular rabbit was fond of the good old croque monseuir (brevelle / toasted sandwhiches to you and I).  He'd often be seen hanging around the tea rooms in the village and sneaking in for a swift snack.  He'd often have a cheese one around 11am, and then a ham one around midday, only to be back in again at 1pm for a tuna one (should Mrs Miggins have her larder up to stock). This way of things was fine for a little while and our friend (let's call him Ron) was happy with his lot - as was Mrs Miggins with the carrots that she was recieving in payment. I digress.... 

After a couple of weeks, Ron fell ill and completely lost his appetitie.  Off he went to see his local quack (a duck obviously) who listened carefully and then presented him with the diagnosis.  Feeling blue and miserable he moched off home to the warren and shared his woes with Mrs Ron.  "So what's up ?" said she.  "Ahh, I'm not well" he replied. "And what does the quack have to say?" she enquired...  "Well, I've had it" said our Ron. "I'm doomed and life will be short for I have....." wait for it......    MixingMeToasties!!

Anyway...   Sorry about that.

Back to the Malarkey.....


malarkey - noun

silly behaviour or nonsense<

I like the socializing but I can't be bothered with the dressing up and all that malarkey.


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PS: Sorry about the comedy Tag - First rule of comedy???..... Be Funny.

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