I may well be in danger of sounding like a bit of a tit here, but in all honesty, what is this country coming to? A complete lack of thought seems to be at the top of the agenda.


I understand why the Lib Dems have had a kicking. Dave and the blue kids have done a good job of standing well back and letting Nick and yellow kids hang themselves. The headline story has been all about educational fees. This is something the Lib Dems were adamant wouldn't happen if they were elected. Once again, the short term memory based electorate have forgotten that the Lib Dems (just like the conservatives) were NOT elected, and instead we have a bastardisation of policies that nobody particularly wants. Another of these policies is the vote for AV. Nobody particularly wants that either. In fact the results of the referendum have clearly highlighted that 2 out of 3 people who bothered to vote (and bear in mind that that's less than half of the population in the first place) underline that fact. What we really want is Proportional Representation. So why wasn't that the question for the referendum?

Simple really. At the General Election a year ago, no one party had sufficient votes (because the first past the post system doesn't work) to form a government with. The Lib Dems and Conservatives formed a coalition (because the labour party claimed they would rather loose power than share it). The problem for the Lib Dems as a result though, is that they wanted PR but then had to share the decision for the referendum with the Conservatives. As a result the cons insisted on AV, which the Lib Dem leader had no choice but to accept, and consistently referred to as "a miserable little compromise". Worse still, while the Lib Dems had to campaign in favour of AV (because we need reform) were opposed by their coalition partners (the Conservatives) who actively voted against it presumably because they got where they are today (half in power) as a result of not having it. What a bunch of self serving to$$ers. Ultimately, compromise is what's killing this country. If there had been a clearer mandate for the Lib Dems to form a government in the first place, we might have been voting on a fairer voting system that a majority of the public could get behind. But this is where we are. Sadly I remember Maggie, and it does feel like a repeat, no matter what Dave says. The country badly needs change. The old ways are not necessarily the right ways, especially when it comes to electing the expense claiming, tax hiking, service cutting, decision makers.

One other thing, while we're about it. Scotland will be leaving the UK shortly and I guess Wales won't be far behind. How is it that both these countries are able to provide free education, free prescription drugs and free care for the aged, while England can't provide free anything at all while cutting services left, right and centre? Something somewhere is (and please excuse my language as I'm not one to use the old English in here very often), but something somewhere is seriously fucked up!!

But what do I know? I'm just a disillusioned citizen!!
Call me a wet liberal if you like, but in reality I want change!! I want REFORM!!!

Too long have we operated a system that doesn't benefit all, just those that run it. Right - Well rant over. Off the soapbox. If I get a chance I'll grab a look at HMS Gloucester this weekend before she's decommissioned. (Apparently we don't need a navy any more either) PS: I'm also fed up of hearing Tory fan boy Nick Robinson preaching at me.

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