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Team Work!...  Yes - that's what I really meant in my last post I think.  As in: Team, get a move on and do some Work. The trouble is that Badman and I are some what hampered by the fact that our friends from the new world colonies aren't focused on answering the questions we're asking. Not having the answers to these smaller questions means that answering the bigger question becomes impossible. One feeds the other.

But still we battle on.  Today has been peppered with conference calls - lots of which were of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" variety. Those of you that read the Badman's blog as well will know that we're playing our own silly game of BS Bingo in the run up to the rush. I was able to get two "What Badman said"s which means I've gained an extra 20 points. Badman still only has his "lucky" 75. So the scores are running at 40:75 and no more mute or giggling to allow the Badman any additional points. Tough times....  but wait... It gets tougher...

Last call of the day is 7pm UK time, so long days are becoming the norm, but then on the plus side we have a bank holiday weekend.  WooHoo!  What's really depressing about this situation outlined on the call though, is the timeline involved. We were given an idea of dates at the end of last week, and suddenly that's been retracted and compressed dramatically. As a result I can't currently see how we can achieve our goals. The detail just isn't there and the pressure to deliver is through the roof. We have some big work to do - and no time to do it. I think we might have to pack some huny sandwiches and go on a visit, but we might not even have enough time to do that! Mental times.

Back in the real world for a Friday evening and I'm simmering a Chilli-con-carne for dinner for Mrs G and I.  Son is off out to a posh do with his girlfriend, while daughter is still at work, although in her case she's getting paid for her overtime - I am just stupid enough to still be here because I care. Some sort of fool I am!

Judging by some of the stuff I've seen this week, I probably should have got a job in advertising.  Not sure if they get paid overtime either, but they do seem to have a good laugh and share some awesome creativity.  You'll see what I mean here:


Always leave them wanting more, as my gran is occasionally heard to say... so here's something more...


So that's it for now - but I think it's gonna get nasty.

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