Let me hear you say..... Chooon!!!

..which is apparently what the kids all shout out when they hear some banging good musicality, innit.  I'll come back to this in a mo.

First of all, the goings on in the Hundred Acre Wood. Winnie and I seem to have done a rather sterling job of things this week, given what was asked of us and the amount of time available to us to do it. We've packed up the picnic basket and shipped it off for our cousins to look at. I've even included my "special pen" just to stop Winnie trying to sneak a look at it over my shoulder every time I have to write something down.

Right then, now, onto my subject for today... Music! and to be more specific, two particular tracks. Music is a big love of mine that I never really pay enough attention to, but a feed I follow reminds me of the good stuff every now and again. In particular I do enjoy a good mashup.  For those of you that are wondering what that is, well I'd recommend you listen to Granny Teller who can explain it all to you:

But if that's too much for you, then the short explanation is two songs, stuck together to make a new one.

Regular readers will be aware that I'm a child of the 70's and youth of the 80's and 90's, meaning some pieces of music are so engrained in my soul, that I can't imagine what the world would sound like without them.  One of those songs is a club track "Show Me Love" by Robin S.

It's an iconic track, that was playing in literally every nightclub I ever went in for about 20 years.  In fact, I think it probably still gets plenty of playtime even today. It's a huge dance anthem.  I spent many a long hour in clubs in various parts of the country throughout the end of the 90's, making up for lost time from the start of that decade and this song is a big part of that time.

Nowadays of course I'm a little longer in the tooth and while I still love this stuff, it's not on the top of my playlist. In recent months I've been keeping my eye on up and coming UK artists and some slightly lighter tunes.  One of those artists who is standing head and shoulders above the rest is Adele.  Man, that girl can sing. At 23, she's storming the UK Music scene and now the US, a market that's notoriously hard for British acts to get into.

Her first single (Hometown Glory) appeared in 2007, but it was her 2008 release (Chasing Pavements) that really got her noticed.  Last year's single "Rolling in the Deep" is a belter and highlights the very best of her voice with a chorus that hits you right where it should - in the heart

Now, going back to Granny Teller's instructional video on how to make a mashup....  you know where this is going right?  What happens when you mash Adele with Robin S. ??  Well, here's the answer:


So if you're looking for the guys that did this, you can find them right here on facebook, "The DJs From Mars".

I can't leave a chat about Mash-ups without sharing at least one of my own.  You see, the tools are all out there for you to do this yourself, and once you've gleaned all the knowledge from the likes of Granny Teller, it's not that difficult.  To coin a phrase, "Here's one I made earlier":

06_Bedshaped_Insomnia_(Keane_vs_Faithless).mp3 Listen on Posterous
Here's to banging weekend to music and dancing!


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