Listening in traffic.

Cross shire journeying today. Following the immense success of yesterday's haircut, and when I say success, I don't necessarily mean on my part, but it was a success for the barber insofar as there was hair and he cut it.... until there was hardly any hair left.  I think he got carried away with the discussion the room in general was having about Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa.  Such are the ways of Barber shops and not a quartet in sight I noted.  The remains of my hair make me look rather extremely right wing. I'm not as bald as a Chelsea fan :-) but I'd be alright in the army.  I have it on good authority that it will grow back.

There was also a general failing on the part of Maplin. Very disappointing as they are usually such good value for money, and almost always have what I'm looking for in the way of geeky electronikery. On this particular occasion it was a replacement Bluetooth earpiece for the iPhone.  I wouldn't ordinarily condone the idea of an earpiece, and they're certainly not to be used in an office environment, (they just make you look self important and therefore stupid). However, when it comes to driving anywhere, you need a decent hands free solution, and of course you would never make an outgoing call. I've had a perfectly good one up until now (which I do use in my home office - where no-one can see me looking stupid until we all start using "Facetime" properly) but the "hook" that goes behind the ear has finally given up the ghost and fallen off. Hence the need for a replacement.

The rule here appears to be don't skimp on the price, because the audio quality will show it's cheap.  Sure enough, 15 quid doesn't do it.  

It might look great, but it sounded awful.  The badman has once again come to my rescue though, as he has the exact same model as I had previously that he never uses.  I imagine that's because even with a headset in his ear, he wouldn't be able to hear a damn word above the volume of the throbbing diesel engine of his off-roader, or the roar of his vespa.  Or perhaps like me he thinks they make you look like a bit of a tit.

In other news....

Daughter is going to be away for a few days, off down south until Friday.  Missing her already. She just needs to keep away from the Lions.

L's father passed away on Friday, which while expected is still deeply sad, and I hear the G-B's mother has also passed away, so yet more sadness there.

Talk of G-B reminded me to get accomodation organised for the AGS 5th Anniversary do in August.  It being on the bank holiday weekend, and so close to Mrs G's birthday, I've had to tread carefully. The long and the short of that means that Triple B and I will not be in the same hotel as the rest of the lads because it's fully booked. On the plus side, we're in a much better hotel that's centrally located and almost double the price. Well, you can't have everything, but I have no doubt it'll be a great time - as is always the case when we get together.

And with that, I'm away to the northern edges of the shires.



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