Lunch and Laughs

Hello Sunday, nice to see you. Just to keep you in the picture, yesterday involved some work (although not the masses that I suspect we'll be doing over the next couple of weeks) and some exercise on the trusty chain driven steeds.

Mrs G and I pottered about in town and then I went map hunting while she caught up with L who was up visiting from that London. I'm taken with the idea of an antique map of the city to hang on a wall in the warren somewhere. Not sure exactly where yet. Will cross that bridge in the fullness of time (to mix idioms), but the bigger problem with the idea is finding the right map to begin with. Gloucester has a couple or three decent antique warehouses which are stuffed full of all manner of ..erm.. antiques?

However, having spent a goodly few hours rummaging around them all, I've positively failed to find, not only a decent antique map, but in fact any map of the city whatsoever. Complete waste of time, although I did find Winnie that someone had thoughtlessly trussed up. Don't they know he's got things to do!? (mowing any stray grass to within a 16th of an inch of it's life for a start)

I've had a poke about on the Interweb for one and while I've seen the odd example I quite admire, I'm not feeling like setting my heart on one of them until I've seen them in the flesh (so to speak). Next on my list then is an antiques map shop and/or a car boot sale. One of which will most definitely have what I'm looking for (at a price) while the other is just "eBay Live" but without the bidding, or search facility... or customer satisfaction system - but you know what I mean.

I haven't had a chance to do either though as today's plan has been all about lunch with Mother-in-Law or Granny, for the benefit of daughter and son.

Lunch with J and W is always a fun affair and holds several benefits for myself and Mrs G, namely that we don't have to cook it and there's the luxury of W's carrots and J's fruity crumbles. They're both retired now and are keen Allotmenteer's (I'm sure that's the correct nomenclature, unless you know otherwise) and the results of their hardwork are always more flavoursome than anything a supermarket can turn out. Their current batch of strawberries are to die for and the rhubarb crumble was second to none. There is only one downside to the whole event but it's not one to really grumble about. They're of a generation that doesn't posses or has any interest in possessing a dishwasher. All this means is that we go home with hands as soft as our faces thanks to the "wild green hairy lipped squid".... Oh hang about, I mean "mild green fairy liquid" there's a shaggy dog story of a joke in there somewhere, but don't ask where.

Which reminds me. On the subject of jokes, I've learned that there are actually two types of people in the world. Those who like cliffhangers...

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