Much pain, some gain

Back to earth with a bump then. Seems like forever since I've had to do a proper day's work, but I'm pretty sure that won't be the case for very much longer now. From what I've gathered there's been some sort of movement on our project at the edge of the hundred acre wood. While I don't have all the detail yet, I have no doubt that this will mean some serious meaty lumps of "stuff to do" that will fill my waking hours for a few weeks. First job on the agenda though is catching up with the now professional painter and decorator (judging by the amount of practice he's had), the badman.

As for everything outside of Starfleet... Well, I'd try to recap, but there's been so much of nothing going on over the last week or so that you'd get very bored very quickly. Here's the photographic short hand version minus the street party shenanigans, to protect the identity of the innocent:

The thing that's really been filling up my time is pain. Basically, high levels of agony combined with the inability to get the NHS to work properly managed to spoil the largest part of the week that I'd previously hoped to be peaceful with peaks of educational interest. Instead I managed the pain with a selection of over the counter drugs until, finally on Thursday I went "under the knife" at 9am (well, under the pliers) and the pain was eased. Not gone, mind you, but not the same. It's now a healing, getting better slowly, sort of pain rather than "I am about to die!" sort of pain.

And that's about the size of it. A week of agony that hasn't really left me feeling refreshed, but I know it will be worthy agony.

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