We caught sommit....

And so it is that the Badman and myself have now had enough time sitting in the tree waiting for our bear trap to be sprung, especially when it turns out that our trap has actually been sprung and we have snared a beast within.

The trouble for us now, is what to do with it? It appears to be a bit of a monster and that will be our first problem to try and overcome. The second problem is all about how much of it we can see from our vantage point. We're not able to readily observe quite how sharp it's teeth are from this distance or example . It may well be that we need to get up close and personal with the beast, just so that we can plan it's demise in a safe and humane way.


To recap: It's Enormous and Fuzzy. Our work is cut out. According to an evangelical group in the good old U.S. of A, the apocalypse is due to start on Saturday the 21st May... tomorrow. The badman and I tend to think it might have started yesterday.

In other news....

Auntie S has moved on from M and bought a dog. Don't worry. If this sentence makes no sense to you, it's probably not supposed to.

Mrs G took her friend S to the hospital for her bone marrow scan yesterday. It's not an intrusive procedure, but it's not any fun either. As she says, you just have to get on with it and fight the good fight. Very stoic. The next phase is the chemotherapy and of course that will be much harder. Our thoughts are with her along with all the practical support we can lend her and her family.

The weekend is almost upon us. Saturday should be reasonably restful, although mother-in-law is car-booting on Sunday and I believe we have a table that she'll be wanting for that little job. She also has a lawn mower that she wishes to pass on to us, so it's a straight swap at Checkpoint Charlie. The rabbits won't let her in by default. I have to press a special override switch. Daughter has been angling for one of "Grannie's Sunday roasts" as well, so looks like we may be trying to organise that for Sunday dinner as opposed to lunch.

This pre-supposes that we make it to Sunday, what with the apocalypse looming and all that. The best bet is to stay in on Saturday and monitor global events from the relative safety of the volcano I think.

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