Dog Day Afternoon

It seems I've done a great job of failing to write anything at all on here since Wednesday. As tomorrow is Monday (again) that's pretty damn poor on my part and I can only but appologise to you dear reader.

The reason is simple.  Haven't had spare brain cycles to even think about it - let alone do it.  Even with the weekend here, it's just been non-stop and itisstill quite a shock to me that monday is literally 30 minutes away.

So Badman and I have been really hard at it. In point of fact, I'm not sure I can rememebr the last time I worked as hard as I have this year. But it's been strangely satisfying and while it's not over, it's changing tack and I find myself still looking forward to whatever the next challenge we have will be.  We've sent a package to our cousins in the New World which they seem to be broadly pleased with. We have some more europeans to satisfy in a final round of "Is this alright then, or what?" which will be taking place on Tuesday and then it's all down to the New World and no doubt yet more european agreement - which seems to be the thing that we have to collect most often.

While all that's been going on, back in the real world Mrs G and I took a trip down to sunny Wiltshire to visit with Mr Ball senior and wish him a happy father's day.  No sign of sister ball, so I'll be trying to track her down this week, but granny ball - "Oh I'm fine!  I have to be.  I don't have much choice!" was in fine form, as was auntie M ball.


We journeyed with the in-laws, both of whom were also in high spirits which was most enjoyable after the last 6 months. W's treatment has finished and he seems to be recovering well and of course with next week being Wimbledon, Mrs G senior is in her element. Such a major fan, that Mrs G swears that she and her sister used to go unfed in their youth for two weeks every summer.

The Senior ball's were also looking after "Mutley" (a close friends dog) who really is a lovely hound. Sadly Mrs G isn't a doggy person - we are a cat houshold - and to be fair dogs are far more of a tie than cats are, but when you spend time with a dog like Mutley, it's hard not to think it would be nice to have a fella like that around.


I had a Bassett Hound in my younger days, and I still miss him. But then Barney and Boo keep us busy enough, and if I can't get my schedule organised well enough to write in my blog, I could hardly be trusted with a dog.

Having said that, daughter is house and dog sitting for Auntie S - and I think she's angling for a hound to join the cats....

It'll never happen.

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