Helga and Section J

You might recall that in an earlier post I described the layout of Golfy's Office and how it's cunningly disgused as a roundabout when it is, in point of fact a hollowed out volcano.

Those of you that read the details will also be aware it's policed by a crack team of rabbits (sometimes flabbits) known as Section B (Bunnies). Those that have visited the base will also have encountered Helga and the team of Section J.

Now, this is a tip top secret undercover lair-cum-base that no-one but no-one is aware of.  It's existence is consistently denied by all in a position to do so, and it appears as a completely non-descript roundabout even on Google maps!

See here:

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The volcano is long extinct and as it's so small (on the surface) attracts little or no attention from geologists. We did have a couple try to have a nose around a few years ago.  They make fine statues in the throne room since they've been frozen in carbonite. Most fitting for geology students I thought.
To all intents and purposes and to the outsider looking in - it is nothing more than a bland roundabout with a couple of rabbits on it.  Nothing to see here. Move along please....

So, you can imagine my disappointment when I hear from Number 3 that Helga has a new sideline going.  It turns out that she and the other members of Section J (Juicy) have started making and selling orange juice using my old schmelting verks!! Such treachory is unknown......

but I might let it pass....

I mean really!? What's an evil egotist to do with his plans for world domination when faced with such tasty beverages.

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