Hacked off

Ironic that tabloid newspaper journalists are known as "Hacks" (someone who is paid to write low quality, quickly put-together articles) given what's been happening of late.


With today's news of the resignation of Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14180043 )' it's all starting to get rather murky and messy.  In fact given the stories of the amount of time our current prime minister has been spending in these people's company, it seems almost inevitable that he's going to have to go next...

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might hypothesise that the appointment of Andy Coulson, followed by his resignation from the employment of number 10 some months before this all exploded again could indicate that his employer knew such revelations were coming.

Is there any other evidence to suggest that the current British government might "have it in" for the Murdoch machine?...  Well there was that short lived debacle with Vince Cable and a reporter on the Daily Telegraph back in December last year.  While Our Dave was cosying up to the Murdoch's it seems the other half of the coalition didn't feel quite the same way.

At first this looks like Dave has a very poor lack of judgement and Vince doesn't. But what if this was Dave's plan all along and the LibDems were his "patsy's" just in-case a paper like the telegraph might have asked the right question? 

It's possible that he could have been using the media for his own ends (really?.. A prime minister? Never!) and having achieved power - albeit via a very inconclusive route - and then had to put up with News International sucking up to the coalition (they really want to own BSkyB outright) decided it's time to take it apart. I'm sure he'd hate to see another headline that read "It was the Sun what won it" unless it was a conservative win.

In short that would make him corrupt and therefore unfit for office, and a decent PM would have to go.  Of course, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I have no evidence beyond what's in the public domain so it's all about as likely as JFK's magic bullet, or man not landing on the moon. Beyond that, I've seen Fox News...  so I'm actually with Vince and in a true coalition that would mean I'm with Dave too.  Hmmmmm.

One further irony here is that a person that devotes him or herself to party-political machinations is known as (you guessed it) a "Political Hack".  

I can't wait for the movie, they've already done a great job on the casting....

Take care

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