Painting the town red

A busy weekend has been had, so to fail to summarise...

A brief mention of Thursday evening, saw four of the WTC visiting Frank Whittle's pub. Cycling in the rain was worth it though, just to catch up with the lads who are consistently entertaining no matter what the circumstances.

Friday saw me landed with reviewing some work that our US cousins have been putting together. All very interesting and generally not bad. They did have (in fact still do at the moment I'm sure) a small piece missing which could cost them quite a bit of cash, so I helpfully pointed that out to them. We have a follow up meeting today (Monday), and we'll see where they've got to with it, but I suspect they'll be mostly fine for now.

This sort of work fits in just fine around the Nelefunt hunt that Pooh and I have been conducting and have nearly caught. It's a bit of a moving feast of a beast mind you, and right now we're waiting patiently for the drugs to take effect so that it might fall asleep and accidentally wake up caught. Trouble is, it's a big beasty and not sure how much of the drugs it needs to knock it out. I always vote for giving it loads, but sometimes nelefunts can sense it and will only go for smaller amounts. It's a numbers game. And a waiting game. And just for good measure, it is what it is.

We also have a new prefect at Starfleet academy. Interesting sort. Seems to go for the rule book with a vengeance. This approach is all well and good when your terraforming, or mining, not so helpful when you're exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, in short, boldly going.... etc etc.... On the plus side it does provide us with ample oppertunitys to play "MBS Bingo" (the M stands for middle management).


I'm not having a pop. He's just doing his job. It's just that it's a job I could never see any appeal-to or need-of, for that matter.

Friday night brought daughter's new "fella" to dinner and what a fine upstanding chap he is. Just as long as he doesn't think he's "in". This is something that dad's with daughters have to deal with, and I am getting better at it. To be fair, this one passed the "mate" test instantly, and he does seem to be at least half sensible. Did I mention what a fine upstanding chap he is? I'd hate to have to set the bunnies or Helga on him.

Saturday. My favourite day of the week... Along with Thursday (the new Friday), oh and Friday and Sunday.... Wednesday's are alright as they're the halfway point of the working week, so I suppose that just leaves Monday and Tuesday. Can't be doing with either of them. Subject sorted. Now where was I?

Ah yes, so Saturday. First job, the return of the car. Well over a week to get the brake calliper replaced, but worth every minute of the wait. The lack of motor only really caused me any pain on Friday when I was unable to meet up with pooh, but he was very understanding about it and claimed he'd save me some huny. (I know what bears are like though.) Both Mrs G and I have done a lot of cycling this week, and thats good for everyone. As for Mickey and the motor, when it came to the bill, it was a pleasure to pay. Sometimes it really is all about "who" and not "what". With that job out of the way, reliably, Mrs G hopped on her bike to get her hair done, daughter was off to work, so I got to try out Google+ and some of it's features.


Got to tell you, I'm loving it. Finally a social networking application with some proper management built into it. It's still got a way to go, but it kicks the be-jesus out of Facebook in my humble opinion. Check it out here:

There was also some qualifying for the British GP, and then at the last minute Mrs G suggested a trip to that massive blue building with the yellow writing on it that's always jammed full of people buying furniture. Eye-Key-Ah. I have a love hate relationship with the place. Too many times have I found it over crowded, over priced and under performing. I often have to make a second trip to return something, or get another one, or a different one, so I'm not a massive fan. Having said that, on this occasion it all went swimingly. In fact rather too well. The place was practically empty and we bought a new lamp to replace the one that wasn't big enough. This one's simply perfect. Quite a shock I can tell you. Curry for dinner, fun times.
Now Sunday rolled around and with it yet more cycling. This is becoming something of a habit (albeit not a bad one, unlike the others). Last night after the Ikea trip and plenty of umping and ahhing we went and made a rash decision (something of a discomfort for a Capricorn* - us mountain goats think about it and pick a safe path). It's finally time to paint the kitchen!! Duh-duh-Daaaaaaaa!

And what colour would us safe path treading mountain goat types choose? Blue? White? Some sort of Beige possibly? .... Not a bit of it.... Classic Red (just like the pillar boxes). Was I nervous about applying loaded brush to wall? Oh yes. And am I happy with the result.... Mostly, very. One thing I've learned about red paint, unlike White, if you apply even the tiniest drop to the wrong place it looks like a murder has taken place. Smudged red is messy. Bloody messy (pardon the pun).

So the short version of Sunday is like this: Bikes to B&Q, Buy Paint, Home, Empty kitchen, Prep Walls, sanding etc. Cup of tea, lunch, Watch the Grand Prix...

Which reminds me, what an awesome new camera angle that was. 400m cables suspend the "flying" camera over the track and provided some stunning pictures. It's not a new technology, being deployed in football, swimming, Indy car racing to name but three, but it's a first in F1.

Back to the schedule.... Another cup of tea, finally build up enough courage to apply paint to walls, nip out and buy more masking tape, apply tape, apply more paint, dinner (slow cooked sausage casserole) and then more paint. Finally round the evening off with a Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer and "Sleeping with the Enemy" on Film 4 from back in 1990.

There is more painting to be done still. A second coat is required and there's a few right diddly bits, but a good 8 hours of drying is required first so I think I know what will be happening on Monday night.

All-in-all, a fine, full weekend. The near future brings more work with Americans, painting, a visitation from Wiltshire and planning for our 6th Wedding Anniversary, so for a start I need to figure out what sixth is (probably brick or something) before Mrs G tells me it's diamonds, or gold... ;-) Bless her for trying. Take care.

* actually, I'm not a Capricorn, I'm a Pyrex... That's right I was a test-tube baby.. Boom-boom.

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