Stuffed & Mounted

Of course with a title such as the one above, the regular reader might think I was about to refer to the neliphunt that Pooh and I have caught.  Read on...

Oh, Em and might I even venture, Gee - to use the vernacular.  I was doing fine wandering between the various stalls, laden with delights from all across the country. The odd dipp of an oil, or the snippet of some cheese. A square of chocolate, a snifter of vodka and so on and so forth. And then we espied the Cider and the Sausages.....

Actually, in truth we skipped the cider. We were after all "on our bikes" and thus in charge of a vehicle on her majesty's highway - and besides, we'd already been at the vodka.... and the brandy...  But the sausages in a bap - I should have walked away.  I should have mustered up the strength to say "No thankyou" but it wasn't to be.  


"Two of those tasty looking things please!" I was heard to say.  A nice perch on the fake lawn and 30 minutes later I was quite literally "Stuffed".  All that remained to be done was clamber aboard our trusty steeds and cycle home - thus "Mounted".

See what I did there?

...and on the way we had to pass Gloucester's latest piece of Street Sculpture, which appears to be some sort of tower, not too dissimilar to the rusty needle that they've already built, but this time without rust...  and a bit fatter...  I wonder what it "means" ?


Happy Days.

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