Toasted Wheels

That was unexpected. Not at all part of the plan.

Saturday rolled around and Mrs G and I cycled to town to do a couple of little jobs. It was a beautifully warm day and no sign of any rain. By lunch time we were both starving and so took a trip out the far side of the city to a new-ish place in the docks... "On Toast". You'll never guess what their main food line is of course, but it is the only one of it's kind in the country and is the home of the "Mars Bar on Toast".


I briefly considered it and then plumped for the "Hawaiian" which is actually a Ham & Pineapple toasted sandwich. Mrs G had the Canadian which is Brie & Cranberry by mistake. The owner misheard the order and graciously replaced it with Brie & Bacon on his second attempt. Free refills on the coffee and a great seat looking over the docks makes this the perfect little snack shack and I have no doubt when they launch it as a franchise it'll crop up everywhere and be gratefully received.

On the way home I suggested a quick look in "Go Outdoors" which is like B&Q for out-doorsy people. Tents, Boots, coats, rucksacks, fishing gear, climbing gear and bikes to name just a handful of their offerings. What I wasn't expecting to do was buy another bike, but that's what happened.

You may recall that I bought a couple of bikes a few months ago, one for Mrs G and one for myself. Now somehow or other daughter has pretty much commandeered Mrs G's wheels and so Mrs G often either takes mine or ends up walking. Well, this just won't do really, so now she has her own - or will do once it's ready - and very pleased about that she is too.

Sunday has seen a visitation from cousin P with G, K and little A (or Boo as she's referred to). Daughter has become her new best friend, which was very funny and very cute, unlike Barney who is clearly no longer a child friendly cat. He is "of an age" and doesn't enjoy being prodded or poked any more.

Granny and W joined us all for lunch and Granny had planned to be home in time for the Wimbledon Men's Final. She likes a good natter, almost as much as she likes tennis (although there is nothing, and I mean nothing that she loves as much as tennis). He nattering resulted in her not leaving in time and having to suffer the glory of the Final in Full HD. She was very comfortable with it and we were all (except Mrs G - who physically detests the game) happy with the result. Well done Djokovic. Nice job.

There were a couple of emails but nothing too demanding, so the work situation is definitely on the wain. Monday sees me handing back the tennis related job (which I'd barely started, but this is the way of resource management) and trying - and failing - to reduce our costs for Pooh and I's big adventure.

Fun times.

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