Torn and bloodied from the fight....

....I find myself absolutely shattered. I've spent all afternoon wrestling and scrapping with the dreaded beast but to no avail. I've been unable to best it alone. In the end I needed a helping hand from pooh to finally put it to rest. It seems that my laptop just isn't powerful enough to import the final element into such a large cost case. Bloody software.

By the end of the day the weather was turning too and rather than a nice bright evening that we've been experiencing of late, it became dark and over cast and made any further painting in the kitchen impossible. You can't paint in electric light - Essex fact.

Daughter was baby sitting for Auntie S, Mrs G had corrie's to catch up with. I had a wealth of reading list to work through. As a special treat we availed burger star of a take away for dinner. It's not right, but I can justify it with the inordinate amount of cycling we've been doing of late, the condition of the kitchen and the overwhelming evidence that it is 'not McDonald's' and is made from very fresh ingredients. It was lush in a very naughty way.

Today sees me having to make a trip to the dentists. A filling. Nothing serious, just my contribution to his yacht fund I'm sure.

I'm hoping for a quieter day today, and if time permits I may try and jot down my thoughts on Google+. I'm particularly surprised at the number of tech heads who are leaving Facebook and twitter in their droves it would seem. I'm already hearing reports of several million new users to G+ in this week alone... And it's only Tuesday!

Have a great day.

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  1. Tip of the Day:

    Loosen, but do not remove the screws from light switches and electrical sockets. Ease the switch or socket forward, then apply a strip of masking tape around the edge. This will allow you to paint behind the switch without covering it in paint and the screws can be tightened once you have finished painting ...

    ... perhaps I should have mentioned that one earlier ;-)...

    ... Oh and I did recall booting up the Cray in the garage to help with your Cost Model problem


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