When seals snore on the sea shore...and the Cambrian Explosion

So it's been a little while since I posted any interesting video type stuff. In fact it's been a while since I posted any interesting stuff at all, but such is the way of things. To make up for it, here's not one, but two pieces to tickle your eyeballs and lugholes (and if you don't know what a lug hole is, you really should stay in and read more - or get out and talk to people that know)

First up.. Seals...snoring... I snorted and giggled...

And then for your musical delectation, a group by the name of "Brighter Lights, Thicker Glasses" (clever stuff) one of whom is an ex-music teacher turned science teacher. Naturally he'd write a song about the Cambrian Explosion.... Who wouldn't. And even if you're not into the science, it's a catchy tune.

Have a great weekend.

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