The Countryside in View.....

A most enjoyable weekend has brought me back round to Monday. Sure enough, on Saturday Mrs G, Daughter and I hopped on the bus (Gus) into Chelter's.  

Now, I'm all for a bit of enterprise, but this particular scheme is starting to niggle at me a little. What I'm referring to is something that happened back in the mid nineties. There was an art installation that travelled the world called the "Cow Parade".  The idea is that these cows would appear in your local city and local artists would then decorate them, to express themsleves in whatever way they felt like doing.  All good stuff, and I do love a clever piece of art, which this most certainly was when it was called "Land in Sicht"* and it was original.

However, since then it's spawned all sorts of copies. There has been at least Pig, Donkey and Lion Parade's. Bristol currently has a Gorilla Parade, and now Cheltenham Town council have joined the bandwagon - or should that be parade?  The thing is - I'm all for the art - that's great, but when they're auctioned off at the end - two things occur to me...  1) Who in thier right mind would want a fibreglass pig / donkey / lion / gorilla / horse etc... and 2) Who's getting the money ?   I mean I know it says "for Charity" but that's a rather generic all encompassing way of saying "for good stuff", just not what good stuff.

Anyway - there's 10 of them in Cheltenham (Horses, obviously) and they're around until October.  They actually look great, but I wonder what they'll achieve, if anything...

Cheltenham is a grand place to spend a Saturday (or any day for that matter) and it was a beautiful warm summer's day with greenery and finery in equal amounts.  We took advantage of the outdoor dining climate and bought everything we needed over the space of a couple of hours.  

We also had to nip across to Gloucester though (thanks to the 94 - beautifully equipped public transport) because the O2 shop had run out of micro-SIM cards for Mrs G's new iPhone.  I chewed my arm over the decision to buy it for a while. Obviously the iPhone 5 will land within the next two months, so I was very much on the fence about the whole thing.  In the end, it was just easier to get her upgraded for free now, rather than have to fork out (which is bound to be the situation) in a couple of months time for a phone that I'll want more than she will.... probably....  enough! I'm starting to sound like a fan-boy now... LoL.

Sunday saw us back in the saddle - and this time for seven and a half miles up and down the river to get to the "far away" Sainsbury's.  There was no need to cycle that far, other than "it's good for us" and so it is.  It was also a fun way to spend an hour, so all good.  It did mean we were dead on our feet yesterday afternoon though - and swing bridges aside - sleep beckoned.


This week holds all sorts of fun in advance of my trip over the atlantic. 

Take care.

* "Land in Sicht" started in Switzerland and roughly translates to "Countryside in View"

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