There and Back again....

Not really posted much in the last week.  Not that I have had the connectivity to do so, but more that I have had the available cycles of time to get to it.

It's been a very long, tough and enjoyable week. Setting off at the crack of dawn last Sunday for Newark, then on to Boston, Massachusetts. Being five hours behind your body clock is hard your well being, does nothing for your concentration, or your sleep patterns and digestive system.  Throw into that tasty, fatty food and you've got a recipe for a tired fat bloke in no time at all.

2.30pm local time was 7.30pm in my head so by 9pm (2am real time) I was crashing fast. The problem with that though is my body clock is all to ready to wake me up at 7am (real time), 2am (local). Not where you want to be when you have an 8am (local) meeting coming up. It's not a new problem, but it's still a painful one that lasts for about 3 days. Just in time to be travelling back home again.

You'd hope on the return leg you might get some sleep on a shortend overnight flight - but that's all down to who you're sat next to.  Needless to say, that wasn't my luck and it resulted in me spending the best part of 24 hours asleep once I finally arrived back in blighty. Bye bye weekend.

In short - Jet Lag sucks....   That said, it's worth it for the broadened horizons that the travel itself brings.

If you're going to the Boston area in the not too distant future, here's a few things I'd point you at to keep things interesting.  The Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, is not your regular hotel. It's pet friendly, so you can take your dog along, but if you've arrived without "pet" you can ask for a Goldfish to accompany you on your stay.  Now I know the Badman has mentioned this, but it really is quite a sight to behold and even if they're all "with guest" when you arrive, it's worth reserving one just for the enjoyment of an indepth discussion on "Fishbowl Adventures"


Worth a visit, is the "Top of the Hub".  This is a restaurant on the 59th floor of the Prutential Tower in downtown Boston. While the food and drink are both excellent, it's the view that really makes this spot outstanding. Highly recommended if you want to get your bearings and understand some of the layout of the place.

Also, Quincy Market & Fenuiel Hall. A great spot for breakfast before the obligatory shopping. Walking distance from downtown Boston and right by the docks.  I had half an hour here on my way out to the airport, just wish I'd had more time. Some beautifully restored buildngs and unusually for America, some actual history.  Buildings made of Brick??  Whatever next?

Finally, no visit to Boston is complete without a bottle of "Sam Adams", locally brewed beer named after local hero and founder of the revolution Mr Samuel Adams himself.

It's a beautiful city. Very green and fit & healthy with running being the defacto sport. Not filled with the characature "fat" Americans, but a lot more students and the like. Surprising given the size and range of portions of food on offer - which is the same all over the US.

In summary a hard working and fun week both at the same time. 

So now it's back to the grindstone in good old blighty.  I'm over the lag and helping sort out such fun subjects as LEA's, Global Rate cards, and disengaging from an engagement that's got it's claws in me.  Clearly I should have taken a leaf out of Pooh's book and gone on holiday. ;-)



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