The ultimate video of pure data visualization

The ultimate video of pure data visualization

While everyone is jumping with excitement over data visualization these days, here’s one video of Pure Data Visualization that will only have the geekiest of geeks on the edge of their seats. This pure data is an audio visual trip through the back of the binary code, and its hidden qualities: structure, logic, rhythm, redundancy and composition.

As an installation, the following video project functions like a machine to scratch the hard drives’s data content of the computer used for the installation. Artist and data geek Nicolas Maigret put the video together in Pd version 0.42.5 extended (Mac OS X Intel release). He writes:

In this video version, as a tautological process, the content of the Pure Data application is read as pure data, directly displayed as sounds and pixels. A direct immersion in the heart of data flows.

Check out the body of his work here and watch the 12 minute ultimate data vis video below:

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