I've had better weeks....

...well we all have. 

Looking back at it, I'm glad it's over. It started off so well too. Monday wasn't too shabby for a Monday and Tuesday - as I've said elsewhere - made a trip to the office with bad man. And of course it was apple Tuesday which seemed to serve to wind a whole host of people up for no reason in particular. 

The apple fan boys - who it seems are incapable of reading - felt they'd all been let down because the new iPhone isn't a 5 but a 4S. Clearly those that complained weren't paying attention when the iPhone 4 wasn't and iPhone 4 but a 3GS. Still, it takes all sorts. 

The Android crew are also bitching about it - claiming "Androids already do that" when referring to the voice commands. iPhones already do that to... But as usual they're not comparing eggs with eggs. Both handsets have their merits and both have their drawbacks, but at the end of the day the iPhone works for everybody and not just those who want to tweak every conceivable setting under the misapprehension of control. I'm not a "fanboy" but I'm definitely a fan now - and those lads who "went cheap" and bought the android (you know who you are rodders) are constantly regretting it. 

Wednesday saw Badman in the office, and after suggesting I didn't need to be I got proper lumbered with a new job and next to no information about it. By the end of the day what I had gleaned didn't look pretty and I needed a proper conversation with the bloke who knows.... He wasn't available though. 

Thursday meant he was though and the upshot of the conversations I had with him provided some further detail and most disturbingly an unachievable deadline. As always with these type of requests the issues aren't easily fixed. Having enough of the right people is the kicker every single time. Still - there's a process to deal with it, and so off we go....

Just to top off the apple mess, Steve Jobs passed away on Thursday aswell. That's a terrible loss and it's amazing just how many people he's touched via the products that apple have made. He's one of the the very few CEO's that people who don't need to know, actually do know of. Even Mrs G (who hates technology) knew who he was. A sad day indeed. 

Friday was more of the same. Bad man had wisely taken Thursday and Friday off, so I was covering for him. There was a small request for something that had already been done but required the calming of a stressed member of the team and then there was more flapping about the lack of people to get things done. 

Mid afternoon I spoke with the bad man to "hand over" the disgusting can of worms. Poor bugger's got some evil virus as well - not at all what he needs when he's trying to have a couple of days off - and then on top of that I'm handing him a bag of sh1t to really spoil his week next week. I'm sure he'll make a decent stab of it while I'm away, and I'm also sure it will still be a bag of sh1t when I get back - Albeit a much small and less smelly bag - through no fault of his.  As we know "it is what it is and we are where we are" (I'm really starting to loath that phrase)

Finally it's Friday night and time to get some packing done. I've got a 3am start (don't feel sorry for me - I've got a week in Spain) and I haven't done anything towards it yet. 

So, with that in mind ... Moustache ... Must Dash ... Geddit? Sorry - unacceptable. 

Until next time...

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it, and that is how it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It's life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

Steve Jobs, 2005
US computer engineer & industrialist (1955 - 2011)

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