400m Hurdle Relay.... (or "almost there")

....and here we are at Friday. Day 5 of Adrenal gland experiment No.1

As you'll have gathered, I'm not sure how I got here, but I am here.  I probably has something to do with time passing and very litle to do with any impact I may have on the world around me. I should point out that I'm fully aware the world doesn't revolve around me - it revolves around you....  and the sun.

Where were we? So Wednesday saw a less eventful return journey from London - not quite the last train, but I still had "stuff to do" once I was back on-line. I hear that you can get WiFi on the East Midlands rail network now - that's rather annoying when the best that the Un-Great Western service can do is ittermittent 3G and my plan doesn't currently allow tethering. On the flip side, it forces me not to be online and to spend time thinking - or as was the case on Wednesday - talking (in the "quiet" carriage - how awful of me)

I was sat next to one our countries serving soldiers who couldn't speak about what he does and left his description of duties as "potato peeling". He was an interesting chap, clearly experienced in the art of the peeler and left me with a tip for a good book on the subject - "Sniper One - by Sgt Dan Mills". It's in my kindle app, I'll let you know how it pans out.

The last lumps of work from the Wednesday meeting meant I finally got finished around 12.30 and then to bed for a few hours before back on the road to my local-ish office.  

As the badman has been off, I've been recieving some very able help from a hardworking irishman - digger of ditches and canals and layer of tarmac drives.  He's a very experienced Navvy - far more so than I - in this field and without him around this week, I would have failed miserably.  I'm very lucky to have him on board ready with his trusty spade and pick at a moments notice.

Thursday saw the two of us camped out in an office performing water-fowl alignment (or "getting our duck's in a row" for the less imaginative) and gaining a deeper knowledge of what the hell it is we're trying to do.  A large contigent of accountants have agreed with the numbers we've suggested, and while we're doing things in the wrong order, the next phase is to get a large contigent of people that actually do this stuff to agree with what we're suggesting they do.  And that is how I find myself back in the office again on a Friday preparing to "help" them make thier decision.

It feels like one last hurdle to jump over and I'll get my life back - that's NOT how it is.  No clearing the hurdle will create a pile of work so that I can take a few paces back and have another run at it. Clearing the hurdle will create a pile of work in passing the baton over the pond.  I have a pile of work.

I'm hurting - but I'm not dead yet.

Happy days.


PS - I do hope Pooh (and anyone else for that matter) gets to see the Big Lebowski ... at least twice. It would make yesterday's post a little clearer.

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