One of the 99% isn't happy with his phone bill...

By the, way....  It's not me.
This company "EverythingEverywhere" which is what Orange and T-Mobile have become are clearly trying to rip him off - and possibly you if you're with them.

Their website has the following blurb:
As one company, we now have almost 28 million customers, 15,000 employees and 720 stores nationwide. We run two of Britain’s most famous brands – Orange and T-Mobile – and we’re here to give our customers a better experience than they’ve ever had before – with the widest coverage, smartest support and best choice and value.
Olaf Swantee is the name of the Chief Executive Officer of Everything Everywhere, and so with a little digging my friend was able to find up his email address and sent him the following message which for the good of the general public he has asked me to share with you.
Subject: Orange Data Roaming Charges / Complaint
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011
Dear Sir, 
I am writing to vehemently complain about your outrageous data roaming charges,
I am a long standing customer with Orange (about 13 years !), but have recently become disillusioned with the Brand and the way you operate your customer services, and appear for want of a better phrase "rip off" your customers, that's aside from the poor signal (especially the 3G signal !) that I appear to also be suffering with since the merger of T-Mobile and Orange (the signal "appears worse" despite the claims of me being able to use Orange or T-Mobile !) .. 
I am used to having large phone bills (circa £200 - £300 + per month), having three Numbers on my account (and also 2 PAYG Phones !), but just by chance I happened to look at my soon to be due invoice (after advice from a friend who has also suffered the same "fate"), and was "somewhat" shocked to see that I am expected to pay £1246 for my next bill which is due on the 8/12. Of this £964 is just for Data Roaming on (Number Redacted) .. ! 
Let me put it to you that as I have previously been "caught" out on your outrageous Data Roaming charges and have complained about this before ( my invoice dated 7/7/11 .. although nothing was done on that occasion and I was "fobbed off" with some ridiculous excuses), that this time whilst travelling abroad I took all precautions to make sure I did not suffer the same fate !: 
I telephoned Orange customer Services on the 8/10/11 and asked them what I needed to do, and as I had already purchased the Daily Data Roaming Bundle on their advice, I also ensured that my data roaming settings were set to "Off" and notifications off, on their advice , and only ever out this back on occasionally to check emails (probably once a day maximum) again on their advice , I also made sure I made use of any of the local FREE wifi hotspots where possible ! 
In fact I am struggling to see how the hell I can have used so much data when I took all these precautions to "avoid" the outrageous data roaming charges and avoid using the internet at all to make sure I avoided the outrageously large data roaming charges I had previously suffered (and as I mentioned my previous complaint fell on "deaf ears" and was never resolved ! ) .. 
I notice that I am not the only person to complain about this, as I mentioned a friend of mine also suffered the same fate (although also had taken the same precautions as myself), and also I notice that this issue has been complained about by many people (e.g the recent Watchdog Article) and various complaints highlighted on the internet (highlighted in the links below) , so I am sure you probably don't want any more negative publicity. 
I trust you will take the necessary action to resolve this issue for me, and that my bill is "substantially" reduced if not written off completely, and also that my previous data roaming charges complaint is properly looked into and I am offered some recompense for that as well. if I do not receive a satisfactory response within the next five days, I will cancel all my Direct Debits with Orange, and cancel all my accounts. If you want to lose my alleged valued custom and an average spend with you of £200 - £300 a month then that's fine, I can easily take my business elsewhere and you will lose a loyal and long standing customer. Otherwise I expect a satisfactory reply within that time. 
Having had no response, he then followed up with this:
Subject: RE: Orange Data Roaming Charges / Complaint
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,   
I can only assume that either my previous email went straight to your spam folder, or the poor customer service of your organisation emminents straight from the top ?. 
Whilst I didn't expect a resolution to my complaint yesterday, I would have thought I would have received at least a courtesy email acknowledging my complaint and informing me that you had actually asked someone to investigate it and would get back to me asap.   
As I mentioned previously I will be cancelling all my accounts with Orange unless this issue is resolved within the next five days, although you would now appear to have one day less to resolve this issue as have heard nothing.   
I hope to receive at least an acknowledgment to this email.   
Please note I have also logged this complaint with Ofcom.   
Yet again nothing and so to this morning with this:
Subject: RE: Orange Data Roaming Charges / Complaint
Date: 18 November 2011 
Dear Sir,  
Quite obviously judging by the lack of response to my emails, the customer service (or lack of ) does emminent directly from the top ?  
However by now I hope you will have received a copy of my emails that I posted to you yesterday (unless this has also gone into the folder marked "customer spam") ? And I now hope you are taking some action or have at least asked someone from your "lack of" Customer Service area's to rectify my complaint ? 
As I mentioned previously I will be cancelling all my accounts with Orange within the next five days unless this issue is resolved, today being Day 3 since I sent you my first email means that you would appear to have little time to resolve this issue, unless you are happy to lose one of you so called "valued" customers ! 

What on earth do they think they're playing at?  They claim to have 28million customers - so I guess that's why they're happy to ignore them. You have been warned....

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