I don't mind admitting that I found myself in a state of shock this morning when I realised it was Wednesday. It's day 3 of the experiment to see just how much my adrenal gland can produce before it simply gives up and allows me to be eaten by whatever my fight or flee system is so terrified of.  It's going quite well.

Having not arrived home on Monday before midnight - thanks to the wondrous signalling system on the "Great" Western railway service, and then been off in the opposite direction until the wee small hours again on Tuesday - I've sort of lost track of where we are in the space-time continuum.  So let's roll back to Monday night's return journey from "that London" and go from there.

As you'll have read (possibly), things went generally quite well. Some positive feedback and direction resulted in a plan for a way forward.  I managed to grab a swift pint with Jack-the-lad on the way to the station by way of thanking him for his input and support - and as those of you that know him will know - a good laugh to boot. He has a sharp sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with.

I hopped aboard the tube to get across the city and then hung around in Paddington for the next available train (the 8:45)  back to the countryshire. All was going swimmingly until we got to Didcot. Just out of Didcot we made an unscheduled stop. A problem with the signals. On a direct journey this would be of little concern, but I needed a change of train a Swindon. The timing of the signal problem could not have been better planned for anyone wishing to miss this connection and so it was that I finally arrived home at around midnight - just in time for bed.

Tuesday was an early start to drive up to the (hour away) Starfleet office, and then to put into action the plan that we'd crafted the day before. Again things went relatively well - some un-required assistance was given as well as some vital assistance and a notable let down. By 9pm we were getting very close to a completion point. One of our number had left things very late for completion but he came through in the end and by 10.30 I was on the road back home.  A nice easy drive would mean back home and tucked up by 11.30.  

Ahhh - but of course, things are never that simple.  Luckily for the god of "making life difficult" there was an opportunity to really p!ss me off, and he'd taken it upon himself to have the motorway closed off so that some highways employees could stand around drinking tea and staring at holes in the ground. The back roads, got me home though and once again a midnight arrival meant I could have a slice of toast and pass out.

And so to Wednesday - which once again finds me on the train back down to "that London" for a further executive review and hopefully a decision that might put an end to this madness. But the jury's out.

What have I learned from this?  Well a whole heap of things, many of which just aren't relevant to a blog post - which as the regular readers know is mostly a place for me to vent or just shoot the breeze. It does appear that the object of the exercise is to try and kill me off by not allowing me to eat or sleep or have any normal type of exercise - and then expect to perform herculean tasks of mental strength.  I beginning to wonder if it's worth it, but I haven't given up yet.

We have had some extraordinarily good help in the form of technical wizards and geniuses - and if nothing else, it's great to know that these people exist and can help us make a difference. It's all part of an ongoing education and I've discovered plenty that I had no idea existed and have been unsurprised by some of the things that I've been hampered with before that cause us pain all too often.  

I’m do hope that Pooh is having a wonderful time in his hollowed out tree and his paw stuck in one of his many jars of huni. I'm also sure he'd love to be here just to see how well his adrenal gland could hold up as well. Let’s hope he heals soon – although at this rate, when he gets back there won’t be a great deal (not that it ever was a great deal – see what I did there?) to be done.

Well - I'm afraid I have far too much to do to talk to you lot any further today.  Must crack on.

Wish me and my adrenal gland luck

Ta ra.

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  1. Hell Fire Tigger, you'll need a new spring at the end of all this nonsense.

    All the very best



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