In Sewer Ants...


Perhaps I'm becoming cynical in my old age - well, older.... Not actually "old" - yet. You see, there's a story going around that I find basically patronising.

Now, we all know that insurance is the biggest scam going. You pay someone (now) so that they can then to pay you (or someone else) in the event that something might happen in the future. It's basically a form of gambling with the odds stacked in the favour of the person you're paying.

In the UK insurance is mandatory for vehicles on the roads. The insurance companies that you arrange a policy with are generally rubbish at predicting the future (surprise, surprise) and they're also a bit pants at figuring out when someone is trying to diddle them - so they've been paying out and that along with the global economic situation means they've been paying out a lot. As a result the premium you pay for this insurance has gone through the roof.

The cost of fuel and road tax has also become extortionate of late and as we're constantly reminded, we're all becoming victims of the obesity crisis. This in turn has led to a decrease in the use of cars for short journeys and an increase in the use of the bicycle.

Of course, if you're in the business of making money out of people insuring their cars against accidents and then they get rid of them, your income will drop. Furthermore if you then realise that these people are then all riding bicycles which are free from insurance, what would you do?

You'd release a story into the press.... Try and rattle a few cages... Make the natives restless... Start a new income stream...

And so it is that this has appeared:
** Cyclists 'urged to get insurance' **
Not having a comprehensive insurance policy could prove costly, cyclists are warned by the Association of British Insurers.

I'm not buying it.. And I won't purchase any either!!

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