We aren't where we were....

It would seem that 3 and half days of high level adrenalin production followed by an 8 hour sleep break and another day and a half of squeezing that gland is as much as I can do in a working week. When I arrived home at around 7 last night, I managed to eat a curry, sit on the sofa, and pass out. My work here is done. I dragged myself off to bed at around 11 and here we are at 11am of Saturday - feeling pretty good.
The job is done - all those that should have approved it have approved it, so it's in a satisfactory place. As for what the customer makes of it? Well that's up to the kids across the pond, but between me and the Navvy - we've given them our best shot at it.
Let's not have another week like that one for a while, eh?

No idea what the rest of the weekend will bring - probably more sleep.
Have fun.

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