And ... Relax

Yep - I've stolen the title... Blatantly, artlessly, brazenly, candidly, flagrantly, forthrightly, frankly, fully, in broad daylight, in full view, in public, in the open, publicly, readily, shamelessly, unabashedly, unashamedly, wantonly, without pretense and without reserve.

Do I care? Nope. Not one jot, or even a fig, do I give.  And the reason I'm so unconcerned about this theft?  Well it's Friday, and as those of you that have read Scobi's Blog will know that on Friday, his blog posts are entitled "And ... Relax" - except it seems, for today.

Imagine my shock and horror, when I hopped over to his site only to be greeted by a post with the insane (for a Friday) title of "Vannin"!!  Holy mother!!  The world is on it's head! Perhaps it's true and that as the doom laden futurologists claim, the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar will actually signify the end of the world - and this is the first sign of it actually happening.  We'll find out for sure in 385 days time.

I have a reading list that's long and varied - if your interested in it you could always follow @TheGolfyFeed on twitter, which is where a lot of it gets shared - and it includes about 25 blogs by various authors that often make for an interesting read.  One of the more entertaining reads comes from The Jaggy Thistle, which I'd recommend espcially if your either Scottish (which I'm not - although we do have some in the family - poor dears) or enjoy a good laugh. Consistently good stuff.

I just figured that being as it's Friday (and you really should be able to say "And ... Relax" instead of "Vannin" - whatever that is...  I'm not old enough to know yet) that I should share a few other bits of comedy gold with you just to round of your week...  so here you go.

First up - this YouTube video of "Fenton" which if you haven't seen yet you must, and now....

Secondly - you might like to be aware of the viral activity Fenton and his shouty master have inspired...

There are literally hundereds of these....  just go to youtube and type in Benton - even though the dog's name is Fenton...

Finally a few "Gems" from the world of - which I should remind you before you visit, is the sort of place that you could loose your entire lifetime if you're not careful...  Don't say I didn't warn you.

"Even Siri Hates You" 


Finally, finally... give yourself an ego boost by visiting *your name* (obviously replacing the phrase *your name* with your actual name....  So in Scobi's case that'll be here:

Have a great weekend - and keep out of the Van - whatever that is.

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