Of Password Resets....

It's that time again when I have to cycle my passwords.  That is to say, they all need changing because that's what we do around here.  I have them all pretty much in sync, time wise, but not content wise, so within a few days of eachother their various systems start nagging me to change them.  

In the past I've used a theme to try and help remember them all, but apparently our new rules suggest that even this is too weak a system....  In short, the rules are as follows:

8 positions in length (minimum)
A mix of alphabetic and non-alphabetic characters
Must not resemble the user-id
Muat not be reused for 8 iterations
Must not be shared
Must not contain keyboard patters (eg: "qwerty")
Must not contain dictionary words or letters substituted with numbers (eg: passw0rd)
Must not be first time or default passwords
Must not be common or trivial (eg: "password" or "user")

That narrows it down it bit doesn't it.....   in fact if we go much further with the rules I reckon you'll be able to just guess what my password is on the basis that it can't be anything else!

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