The best day of the year...

It's entirely possible that while yesterday was most definitely the best day of the year so far, that today might be even better.

Admittedly it won't involve getting up and having to rescue and hunt down the kids from various post-party locations, and I daresay I won't be cooking up a large breakfast and dashing off to catch the number 10 bus to Cheltenham. Incidentally - we didn't catch the number 10 bus yesterday as it happens, mainly because although the GCC/Stagecoach website makes no mention of the fact, it doesn't run on New Years Day. The 94 on the other hand, does.

I would suggest that it's also unlikely that we'll be attending any racing today with an enormous crowd or revellers - larger than I can remember seeing at a New Years Day meet. Festival week usually sees around 50,000 visitors, and I reckon there must have been at least 25,000 yesterday if not a few more.

I can also be fairly certain that there won't be any big financial wins today - which is a great shame. After a long dry spell with the bookies one of the on-course fella's pointed out to myself and daughter that we should feel free to consider using other bookmakers besides himself - after-all we should share the wealth - which he did, thank-you very much.

Don't be mistaken, we're not talking about any retirement plan or a new car or a big telly. But we are talking enough to have covered all the costs for the day out and to have bought us all a slap up steak dinner and a fair few glasses of various beverages, a bit of dancing and a taxi home.

All in all, an awesome start to the New Year with much fun and frivolity. Some quality time with the kids - who are actually adults now, so I should try and stop calling them that - something to be thankful for.

No, today won't be like that. Today will be nursing a sore head and sitting still on the sofa, in preparation for the "return to work" tomorrow. Now that's the definition of a fantastic day!!!

Isn't it?

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