Google in privacy policy changes

Google changes its privacy policy, streamlining it across its multiple services including search, email, video and social networking sites.

The full story is here:

Now privacy policies and Social Networks go hand in hand of course, but they are not good friends with each other.
You only have to look at the mess that Facebook have made to know that. Google ran into all sorts of difficulties last year with its name policy whichever that users had to use their real name and not a pseudonym. This annoyed me no end, but so keen was I to become a G+'er that I put up with the change and now have a rather confused and split online personality.
I note this week, ahead of the above announcement that they're reversing that decision. Not sure if I will disappear in this form and return to my original self or not. I'm still kicking around in the rough - or in a bunker....

Stay safe

S (or G)... I think.

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