A week end....


It's the end of another slogging week and all in all it's worked out very well.

The work that the UK team of the guesswork I've been doing, all got their ducks in a row well in advance of the US team this time and so were mostly seen to be pretty smug about it.

The US team had to have a last minute change that caused them plenty of long hours and hard work, but the result was that we had everything ready in the nick of time to present to the client on Friday. The guess was received very well up that Laandon, and we're to be tasked with having one last big guess sometime during March. This could cause me some concern as Mrs G, Daughter and I have planned a week off in this timeframe - but let's wait and see what happens.

On reflection - while the last twelve months have been a roller coaster of emotions work-wise, I've ended the year on a positive note and find myself feeling that I have actually enjoyed it, which is something that hasn't been the case for a few years previous to this one.

Looking forward into this year, there's no knowing what might happen, but as long as it continues in the same way that the last six months have - then all will be well, although a little more cash in the pay packet would greatly help.

Mrs G's ex-workmate and good friend L (who is a proper lovely person) has come to stay this weekend, and so Friday night consisted of a couple of bottles of wine and a general catch up. Meanwhile, daughter spent the evening at Aunty S' doing similar, but I was very intrigued to see her 3D TV (active not passive) and managed to look like a complete buffoon in the glasses for two minutes when I dropped daughter off.

Back home, I sat and enjoyed the conversation and manage to catch most of "Jaws" (one of my favourites) that was quietly on the telly in the background.

Now Saturday has arrived and we three (sadly, daughter is at work) are off into Chelt to meet up with a few other ex-workmates for a leisurely lunch and yet more catching up. We've got a couple of little jobs to do in town too - so a swift shufty round the shops will be in order no doubt. I'm in no mood for spending money though - feeling a bit brassic as a result of Christmas and January always feels like a very long month between incomes.

On top of this, it's my birthday month and after much umming and ahhing I have finally invested in my birthday present to myself (that's usually the best present) a new TV - and it's a whopper. More on that when it finally arrives - suffice to say that Stan will be happy, because he's got first dibs on the current one.

Hope you have a great weekend and that your January is becoming more bearable with each day that comes.


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