More Future Movies...

While I was looking for 2012 Movie releases, one of the things I stumbled upon was a list of UK based movies which are slated, if not scheduled for production in the coming days / weeks / months / years....   

Some of it made for really interesting reading, so I thought I'd share with you what I've learned.



  • Richard Curtis - He of "BlackAdder" and "Love Actually" fame has his name down as the director of a Sci-Fi called "About Time"
  • Danny Boyle gets to direct James McAvoy in heist movie "Trance"
  • A Martin Scorcesse detective thriller "The Snowman"
  • "Alan Partridge: The Movie" - it could happen...
  • "Eddie the Eagle" with Rupert Grint. I'm already giggling.
  • A zombie outbreak plagues a small English town on Christmas Eve in "Slient Night of the Living Dead"
  • The stage musical hist the big screen in "Bombay Dreams"
  • "Bridget Jones' Baby" - nothing to say?? Thought not.
  • A remake of "Defence of the Realm"
  • and of course "Kieth Lemon: The Film" which can only be Bang Tidy.




  • Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg back together with Nick Frost for "The World's End"
  • A remake of horror movie "Child's Play"
  • A second "Dog Soldiers" movie - the werewolves and the army.

And finally - way out in the future.......



  • A remake of Terry Gilliam's "Time Bandits"
  • There are rumors of another version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - although I'm not sure how they can improve on perfection. :-)


Well, there's some food for thought....Discuss.....

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