New stuff and free stuff...

For you iPhone users here's a couple of apps that you should just go and get right now without paying any attention to the detail....

First of all click here: to get yourself a copy of ProCamera. Especially now, because it's been discounted down to a mere 69p and it is *awesome*.


I'm using it instead of the standard camera app as it has all the functionality you could want and more. In particular image stabilisation (something that always causes grief on small heldhelds) and Rapid Fire mode. These two combined will give you no end of improved shots. But these are just two of the gazillion features this app has. I really can't recommend it highly enough.

Now if there was just a way to launch it from the triple-click lock screen instead of the in-built app, I'd be over the moon.

The second one is even cheaper, because it's free! DataMan ( )


This clever little app will help you keep track of your data usage. Particularly useful if you're being hammered by you service provider for going over your usage limits.

My last piece of new stuff for you can be found here:


and this one is a book for your Kindle (or Kindle app). Also free and gratis thanks to the good folks at Amazon. This is "The Other Daughter" by best selling author Rosen Trevithick. I can't say I've read it yet, but I have read the reviews....

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