Schnow and Spring Cleaning

Hello Saturday, I hear it's going to snow today.


Temperatures have collapsed in recent days and we find ourselves staring down the barrel of minus ten degrees centigrade. That's not particularly cold, but it is bleeding cold on a scale that goes along the lines of ....

F@&£ing Hot
Stupidly Melting Hot
Sweltering Hot
Fine - also known as "Meh" or for the unimaginative "nice"
Bleeding Cold
Freezing Brass Monkeys
F@&£ing Cold

Very odd week at work. I keep suggesting myself to help out other team members who are about to skive off for half term, and keep being generally ignored by the individual I keep suggesting it to. This individual now finds himself in the position of not having anyone to do it, and has even suggested to one or two if them that they cancel their holidays!! Incredible!! I'm not bothered though, I'm a firm believer in letting everyone have a go, and of course TINRI. (apologies to those of you that don't know what that means - I'm afraid I can't explain it, but a few of you know.)

Now that Son has his own place, today's mission will be to sort his room out. It will now officially become a guest room so far less boy touches and a bit tidier to-boot. I'm pretty sure this is going to lead to a session of "sort the garage out" and if it wasn't for the weather forecast (Freezing Brass Monkeys) that would lead to a trip to the car boot sale. That will have to wait until we at least reach Meh or Nice I'm afraid.
May also need a quick trip to Stan's pad to help him with some cabling requirements - time will tell - However, first, the toughest job of the day.... Getting out of bed - especially when it has a wonderful cup of coffee from Mrs G and is keeping me at an average setting of about "Warm". Why would I want to move?

Hope you have a top weekend
Stay Warm and Safe

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  1. Very Good. In the current climate bad man likes to have his living room set at Stupidly Melting hot but also loves taking the dogs for a walk in ABF (Absolutely Bl00dy Freezing)too.

    As for TINRI - we may be heading for TIARA where the first "A" stands for a and the second "A" stands for Apocalypse.

    Have a great one :-)
    Cheers bad man


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